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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does initial consultation cost and what takes place?

The initial consultation is free and with absolutely no obligation attached. We only ask that you commit to a time and be fully present when we do meet. It is all about getting to know each other, learning about you, your family, your goals and your wishes for the future. It is also about gauging whether or not we would be a good fit for each other over the long-term.


We appreciate that taking the next step is not always a given, and that is more than OK. This is what the first meeting (initial consultation) is for, and the reason for why it is completely free of charge.

What can I expect to pay for your services?

In order to get the full benefit of our personalised service and to yield truly effective results for long term financial security, there is a minimum cost to working together. Our fees generally start from $3,000 (+gst).


The actual cost will depend on what services you need and the type of advice and support necessary to make it happen. As we are not a ‘one size fits all service,’ we will let you know the exact cost after we meet and provide you with an itemised work proposal prior to any full commitment. At Wealth 360, we pride ourselves on transparency and we will provide you with our working agreement, so you are 100% clear on all-inclusive fees and charges prior to us engaging in any work we do with you.

How will I know if Wealth 360 is a good match for me?

The philosophy behind Wealth 360 is in committing to building close and trusting relationships with our clients to ensure we understand your needs, wants and financial possibilities at every step in your journey. We could be a good fit if:


  • You are looking for an advisor who is committed to helping you figure out ‘what living life on your terms’ would look like for you. You see us as partners in helping you to identify the possibilities and therefore your financial goals; setting the direction in paving out a realistic strategic plan that ensures your pathway to success.
  • You view professional financial advice as an investment in optimising and securing a healthier financial future, which you could not have achieved on your own.
  • You can be open-minded to the financial possibilities and willing to work with us in ensuring the best-fit advice and plan that suits you. You see the value of our role in helping you to gain control, clarity and security over growing and protecting your finances.
  • You are willing to learn and implement the tools and strategies we provide to you with commitment and fidelity. Remember we are here to help you and empower you with maintaining control of your finances, keeping you on track and achieving your financial goals every step of the way.
  • You believe in our partnership, agreeing that the best results happen when we work together over the long-term. If we don‘t believe we can help and provide viable long-term benefits to you, it is our job to let you know.


On the other hand, we may NOT be right for you if:


  • You are looking for a get rich quick scheme or a magic ‘fix everything overnight’ pill.
  • You want free or cheap advice.
  • You are not prepared to take our advice or commit to the actions required to get results.
  • You are not as committed as we are to the vision of your long-term success.
  • You are rigidly fixed in your views and unwilling to try anything different.

Why do I need a financial adviser? Can’t I do it myself.

You can.


There are countless fantastic tools and resources available for people who wish to handle their finances and plan on their own. However, even with all the resources available, unless you have a lot of time on your hands, expertise and are very disciplined, most people are simply unable to commit and stay on top of things consistently.


Planning for the future involves far more than simply researching funds and staying up to date with the markets. There are many moving parts, and like a jigsaw, unless each piece is put in the right place, the picture won’t be complete.


Investing in our help is essentially an investment in your financial health, in your ability to choose to ‘live life on your terms’ and therefore an investment in your overall happiness. It reduces the risk of making a potentially irreparable mistake by missing a crucial step, or not keeping on top of economic and law changes, as well as other important but often overlooked factors, such as unexpected life changes or events. Having us by your side, will help you to identify financial possibilities you may not have considered and therefore a potentially missed opportunity.


Managing money is a timely and serious business. Most of our clients are living very busy lives and juggling overwhelmingly high paced schedules. Finding the most efficient strategies and making the best-informed decisions for your financial future requires ongoing research in an everchanging economy, alongside a consistent approach to planning for success. When working with us at Wealth 360, we make ‘knowing you’ our priority. We use our professional expertise and knowledge to devise the best fit plan for you. We review your progress and keep you updated with constant changes and developments in our evolving economic world. Behind our philosophy, stands our commitment to researching, implementing, protecting and helping to grow the best financial future for you. We take the time to work with you, leaving you with the peace of mind and invaluable time to focus on the other things in life you enjoy doing most.


Wealth 360 – Empowering you to explore the possibilities and make the choice to ‘live life on your own terms’.